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  • Bhutan – A paradise on earth
    Bhutan – A Paradise on Earth A warm welcome to all my readers. This blog is going to be very interesting as I try to bring Bhutan – A paradise on earth in front of you. As we (My family and My friend’s family) were approaching summer vacation time, we started to plan for aContinue reading “Bhutan – A paradise on earth”
  • Passion and Passionate
    Dear Readers, a passionate welcome to all.  As I start writing today on the title ‘Passion’, I also start to wonder what my passion is. If this question had come to my mind before lockdown, I guess I would not have had an answer to it. But during lockdown I realized that I too haveContinue reading “Passion and Passionate”
  • Lockdown and Me
    Lockdown and Me. This term is scary for most of the people in the universe. Some seem to be not so bothered even after seeing the huge number of deaths, but I must admit this pandemic has given me some life lessons. I must say it has taught us to accept whatever comes in ourContinue reading “Lockdown and Me”
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